The team (in alpha­betical order):

Niels Hansa

Contact for

  • Foun­da­tions
  • Investors
  • Umbrella asso­ci­ation
  • Min­is­teries
  • Department of Education

Gabriel Ionescu

Veiktour Khalil

Contact for

  • Busi­nesses
  • Sponsors
  • Banks
  • Pol­itics
  • Mag­is­trates

Peter Kogler

Contact for

  • Appli­cants
  • Course tutor
  • ÖBR

Wolfgang Neigenfind

Contact for

  • Partner schools

Christine Weinkopf

Contact for

  • Stu­dents and parents
  • Location

You can read more about us per­sonally and our roles in the team on the team page.

Send us a message

If you are unde­cided who to contact, you can write to info@​lila.​school or simply contact us directly here: