You can find our per­sonal descrip­tions here, our contact details are on the contact page.

Even before we found each other as a team, each of us was looking for ways to reor­ganize and reshape learning. Our approaches and expe­ri­ences have been dif­ferent, but have led us down a common path. We bring dif­ferent com­pe­tencies and per­spec­tives to the table, united by our shared enthu­siasm for edu­cation. We have a very clear idea of where we want to go and see the founding of as the first big step in this direction.

The members of our team (in alpha­be­tical order):

Niels Hansa
Gabriel Ionescu
Veiktour Khalil
Peter Kogler
Wolfgang Nei­genfind
Christine Weinkopf
Niels Hansa

I am 48 years old, married and have two won­derful children. For more than 20 years, I have been able to acquire important pro­fes­sional skills in project management, product management, business deve­lo­pment and sales, and have gained a lot of valuable expe­rience. Now I have reo­ri­ented myself pro­fes­sio­nally to strengthen the meaning and value of my work, putting my skills as an entre­preneur at the service of a non-profit mission – to promote human edu­cation through inno­vative projects.

My roles in the team

IT, Finance, Public Affairs

Per­so­nally I am enthu­si­astic about

Cycling instead of driving, my wife and kids, social entre­pre­neurship, edu­cation, edu­cation, education.

Gabriel Ionescu

I was born in 1977 into a family of tea­chers in Romania. After gra­duating from high school in Salzburg, I started a uni­versity degree in tech­nical studies in Linz. Unra­veling the mys­teries and riddles of this world I found very exciting, so I decided to do physics. I found it par­ti­cu­larly ful­filling to share insights with my friends and fellow stu­dents, and I expe­ri­enced that by engaging with other people’s per­spec­tives and views, not only can there be a better under­standing of the topic being dis­cussed, but also of the person in front of me.

I took these insights with me when I started private tutoring in math and physics. Espe­cially the one-to-one lessons filled me with great joy, as I could fully relate to another person and under­stand how he or she under­stands a certain topic (and thus a part of the world). Each lesson and learning path became as unique as the people involved, and tog­ether we were able to make great pro­gress in a short period of time.

When I was given the oppor­tunity to teach mathe­matics in the senior level of a Waldorf school, I joy­fully accepted the chal­lenge. I rea­lized that through the setup of a tra­di­tional school (fixed classes, fixed sub­jects, fixed sche­dules, etc.) the indi­vidual learning path is very dif­ficult to realize, and at the same time I saw how important it would be for many young people. Since then, I have been involved with the idea and rea­liz­ation of a place of learning where young people can follow their own learning path in a com­munity at their own pace.

My roles in the team

Learning guide, IT, learning platform

Per­so­nally I am enthu­si­astic about

Exercise, nature, people, good con­ver­sation, clear thinking, aikido, zazen, bas­ketball, all open source.

Veiktour Khalil

Already during my studies I dis­co­vered my love for working inde­pendently, for eco­nomics and for mathematics.

Nothing in our lives is rigid – ever­ything around us is in motion and always creating itself anew. We, too, have the ability to con­ti­nually reshape our lives and ourselves.

With this in mind, after 14 years of self-employment and with the birth of my won­derful children, I sold my company. I have been working in the ele­mentary edu­cation field as a kin­der­garten ope­rator for the past 7 years.

I am 41 years old and have worked in product management/​sales in who­lesale, where I gained valuable expe­rience. The love for my children led me to found a non-profit asso­ciation – a kin­der­garten. Working in the kin­der­garten is very mea­ningful for me per­so­nally and fills me with a lot of joy every day.

My roles in the team

Finance and Legal, Public Affairs

Per­so­nally I am enthu­si­astic about

Running, Wing Tsun, my family, edu­cation, reading, exercise in nature, philosophizing.

Peter Kogler

Life is learning – in this sense I have been gathering expe­rience with learning from dif­ferent per­spec­tives for over 40 years. Already during my school years I dis­co­vered my love for physics and mathe­matics, which I then deve­loped during my studies. In addition, I began to give private lessons, with which I soon became self-employed. Since training as a Waldorf teacher, where I also met my wife, I have also taught for several years at a Waldorf secondary school. In the meantime, we are parents our­selves and our daughter is just starting her school years.

I feel enthu­siasm is at the core of any true learning expe­rience and love to share it to help others develop. I see indi­vi­dua­liz­ation as a key element of the edu­cation of the future. For several years now, I have been looking at ways to actively help shape this future.

My roles in the team

Learning guide, concept deve­lo­pment, orga­niz­a­tional structure, website, per­sonnel, learning platform

Per­so­nally I am enthu­si­astic about

Our family, learning new things, boul­dering, being outside tog­ether, biking around the city, dancing, running, time to reflect and meditate, vegan cooking and eating, my thinkpad running Ubuntu

Wolfgang Nei­genfind

I have now spent more than 40 years of my life in various schools. What keeps my passion for the field of edu­cation so fresh and alive are the rela­ti­onships with people that fascinate me.

Aside from my studies in edu­cation, psy­chology and phi­lo­sophy for the tea­ching pro­fession, I am still learning and inte­rested in topics such as family, edu­cation, rela­ti­onships, per­sonal deve­lo­pment and spirituality.

A place for edu­cation, which everyone visits with joy and which is carried by deve­lo­pment, curiosity, appre­ciation and love, that has always been my dream. I am delighted that we are now rea­lizing this dream together.

My roles in the team

Learning guide, school principal, marketing

Per­so­nally I am enthu­si­astic about

My family, per­sonal deve­lo­pment, writing, medi­tation, helping other people to be happy, love, adventure and travel

Christine Weinkopf

Learning in the pro­tected space of trusting rela­ti­onships – that is important to me. People have important impulses that can be expe­ri­enced through their own trial and error and insights gained externally and also con­so­li­dated through practice. For me, giving space to these impulses and meeting each other at eye level with respectful regard means creating a framework in which learners and tea­chers can develop tog­ether. During my travels through various school systems around the world (Aus­tralia, South America, Vietnam, Tan­zania, etc.), I have dealt with the ques­tions: How do we learn? What helps people in the process of learning? What does learning have to do with my social and spatial cir­cum­s­tances? My ana­ly­tical skills, which I was already able to put to very good use in my inter­na­tional business studies and in the private sector, as well as my expe­rience show that a balance is needed between a ben­evolent network of the com­munity and indi­vidual freedom to develop one’s own potential.

I feel that the indi­vi­dua­lized com­munity (expression coined by Gerald Hüther) is the means of choice to let young people dis­cover their self-deter­mi­nation with curiosity in a loving, boundary-setting framework. To be able to accompany this journey of dis­covery of one’s own per­so­nality is like a gift for me. The­refore, after 4 years in a Viennese middle school, I now want to help create this learning atmo­s­phere in our own school.

My roles in the team

Learning guide, mar­keting, sales, location

Per­so­nally I am enthu­si­astic about

Accom­panying the deve­lo­pment of my daughter, nature & natu­ralness of people, mountain biking, swimming, climbing, phi­lo­so­phizing, lying in the grass looking at the sky, serenity and humor.


A heartfelt thank you goes to those people who are already helping us, through their active support, to make our dream come true (also listed alphabetically):

Pia Enten­fellner

Pia studies tea­ching English and Russian, she is also pas­sionate about lite­rature, theater and horses.

She collects tea­ching mate­rials, trans­lates the website to English and would like to work with us as a learning facilitator.

Christian Gau­ners­dorfer

Christian designs web pre­sences and bran­dings with spick+span.

He designed our website and helped us to con­tinue to maintain it our­selves. If any ques­tions come up, he is always happy to help.

Deborah Heiss

With Seven Edges Media, Deborah works as a mar­keting con­sultant, pri­marily in social media.

She sup­ports us in deve­loping and imple­menting a sound and mea­ningful mar­keting concept.

Margit Lilli

Margit is an artist and art the­rapist with expe­rience working with the blind and visually impaired, is cur­r­ently working on her master’s thesis, and is com­pleting teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga.

She sup­ports us in the topic of inclusion and would like to work with us as a learning guide.

Michaela Lia­unigg

Michaela teaches at the Uni­versity of Vienna at the Institute for Slavic Studies.

She always gives us valuable feedback on the concept, helps us to improve the texts, and referred Pia, Barbora and Dimitri to us.

Sophie Luger

Sophie is an architect and teaches at the Department of Archi­tecture at the Ange­wandte.

It helps us with site eva­luation and design concept.

Sean McGuire

Sean works as a UX architect and is an expert in design thinking.

In his pro­fes­sio­nally designed work­shops he helps us to make our ideas of a software platform more and more reality.

Flo Pan­hölzl

Flo teaches com­puter science and biology at a Waldorf school and is part of the team of the Per­ma­culture Academy in the Alpine region.

He will develop the concept for the garden design with us and always sup­ports us with feedback.

Helmut Röhle

Helmut worked for a long time as a tax con­sultant and auditor.

He sup­ports us with his pro­found know-how in legal and tax issues.

Barbora Sim­ko­vicova

Barbora studies History, Social Studies and Poli­tical Edu­cation, Slovak and Inclusive Edu­cation, she likes drawing and loves plants.

She collects tea­ching mate­rials, trans­lates the website in English and would like to work with us as a learning guide, also she could help us with the gardening.

Dimitri Szabo

Dimitri studied Slavic studies and works as an illustrator.

He designed the gra­phics on the website and sup­ports us in the deve­lo­pment of our cor­porate identity.