Indi­vidual schedule

Your schedule at is much more flexible than tra­di­tional schedules. This means that it can often change and is not the same for all stu­dents. Nev­er­theless, there is aclear time structureto which we orient our­selves, the weekly schedule.

Fixed and modular

Some things in it are fixed, so always take place, others are modular and meant in the plan only as timeslots. In con­crete terms, this means, for example, that you will cer­tainly always be in Open Learning on Monday from 09:00 to 10:30. After that, Open Learning con­tinues, but input lessons are held in par­allel. Where you are then depends on your indi­vidual schedule.


The coor­di­nation of all this happens through our digital learning platform.

If you are not clear what is meant by the indi­vidual entries in the weekly schedule, you can first read more about the dif­ferent learning formats at

During holyday periods, of course, this weekly schedule does not apply. But we also have great offers planned for you then.