School type is an all-day schoolfor stu­dents from 5th to 12th grade. So you can come to us already after ele­mentary school, and if you want, we can accompany you until the end of your time at school.


We are still looking for a suitable location for the

General accred­i­tation and degrees

We are striving for general accre­di­atation by the public school board until the 9th grade, i.e. until the end of com­pulsory edu­cation. Until then, we can certify you the grades of each year. After that you will com­plete the further classes and also the Matura by taking external exams at our partner school. You can take these exams whenever you are ready for them, we are no longer bound to a fixed schedule at that age.

Cur­riculum framework

Every private school with public accred­i­tation needs a cur­riculum framework. We use the Glocksee cur­riculum for this, as do many others, sup­ple­mented by the Dif­fer­ential Cur­riculum.

To ensure a good alignment with the public system, we map the learning content in our digital learning platform, but according to the AHS cur­riculum.

Agile form of organization

We organize the in the sense of a Teal Orga­ni­zation. Among other things, this means that we are not orga­nized hier­ar­chi­cally, but also not grass­roots-demo­c­ra­t­i­cally. With us, everyone is allowed to take respon­si­bility and make decisions.