The most important con­dition for us is if you would like to be a student with us,

that you yourself really want that.

In order to be able to take this decision, you will of course get to know us first,
to under­stand what we are about and what you can expect at

This is how the admission process works with us:


First, you and your parents sign up for an initial con­sul­tation. You can do this either right here or in person at an infor­mation evening.


You, your parents and at least two of us learning guides will take part in such an initial meeting. We will explain the idea of and the struc­tures and processes in detail. If you are further inter­ested, you can sign up for a trial day.


On this trial day you will come together with all other inter­ested stu­dents and all learning guides and we will have the oppor­tunity to get to know each other better. You then sum­marize your impression of our school in a cre­ative way, e.g. in a poster or drawing, and we con­clude the day with a feedback session. After that it should be clear for you if you really want to join us.


After this day, we exchange our impres­sions in the team and make the decision about the admission based on that. Our ideal is to accept anyone who really wants to, but in indi­vidual cases we can also refuse.


If it suits both parties, your parents will then have the oppor­tunity to enroll you by signing theenrollment agreement and paying the enrollment fee.

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