Basic tuition

We are not yet able to give an exact amount for the monthly fees, because some para­meters are still open (number of stu­dents, therefore number of learning guides, amount of rent). We expect a tuition of 500 to 600 euros per month, 12 times per year. Included in the price are:

Learning oppor­tu­nities
Open learning, input lessons, self-study time, plenary, men­toring dis­cus­sions, meditation.
(more about this on the learning formats page)

Mo.–Fr. 09:00–16:00 h

Mon.-Fri. 08:00–09:00 and 16:00–17:00 h

Snack buffet

This does not include lunch, addi­tional courses, or costs for travel, field trips, and internships.

Meal con­tri­bution

We take together take care of a freshly pre­pared lunch every day. Those who wish to par­tic­ipate will pay a con­tri­bution of 5 euros per meal to cover the costs. Lunch on all days thus costs about 100 euros extra per month.


Par­tic­i­pation in courses is vol­untary. The indi­vidual courses are billed to the respective course tutors. Thus, the cost of courses is very indi­vidual.

As a guideline, we see a total con­tri­bution of 40 euros for a unit of 90 minutes, which is then dis­tributed among the number of par­tic­i­pants. For example, if one were to attend three ses­sions a week in groups of five, that would be an addi­tional 100 euros or so per month.

High school stu­dents are expected to want to take more courses than junior high school students.

One time fees

To reg­ister for the, a one-time reg­is­tration fee of 100 euros must be paid. If the admission is rejected, it will be refunded. This fee is to help ensure that only people who actually plan to be part of the launch sign up with us.

In case of suc­cessful enrollment, an addi­tional 200 Euro enrollment fee must be paid at the start of school. This con­tri­bution helps us cover addi­tional costs at launch.


We would like to approach the ideal of edu­ca­tional equity and get by with the lowest pos­sible monthly con­tri­bu­tions. As a private school, we receive only partial support from the state and therefore have to cover a large part of the costs with these contributions.

We will seek dona­tions and grants on an ongoing basis in an effort to provide dis­counted tuition and schol­ar­ships. However, we set the regular con­tri­bution level in such a way that finan­cially stable oper­ation is pos­sible in the long term even without this support.

Trans­parent budget

Trans­parency is important to us. We will therefore make our current budget visible to all con­trib­utors so that it is clear to see what we use the money for. We mainly use it to finance the salaries of the learning guides and the rent, but it also covers other expenses.