Because every learning path is dif­ferentfor us, we need a very well-func­tioning way of coor­di­nation. We use a digital learning platform as support for this, which is based on existing software and which we have sup­ple­mented with parts we deve­loped our­selves. In the long term, we want to develop a com­pletely separate system from this.

We use it to coor­dinate the topics, dates and com­po­si­tions of the groups in the various learning formats, spe­ci­fi­cally for the open learning pro­jects, the input lessons and the courses.


To document your deve­lo­pment path, the learning platform also con­tains your per­sonal logbook. In it, you enter your own notes on your pro­gress and you can see what you have accom­plished and when, and what feedback you have received.

Topic Network

In the learning platform, all learning contentis also mapped in the form of topics and con­nected as a network. This way you can get an overview of your learning path by yourself or with the help of your mentor. If a topic inte­rests you, you can use it to find out how to develop in that direction. And if you want to take an exam, you can see at a glance what you have already com­pleted for it and what is still open.

Com­pe­tence Network

In addition to the topics, the learning platform includes a network of com­pe­tencies. Since holism is one of our fun­da­mental ideas, however, we define the term com­pe­tence much more broadly and do not just mean cognitive skills. With this inno­vative approach, we also offer you support in deve­loping your per­sonal and social skills.

Further deve­lo­pment of the platform

Only in the ongoing ope­ration of the school and the course system can the platform evolve in an agile manner to truly meet the requi­re­ments. We the­refore want to deli­ber­ately start with a minimal pro­totype and move forward from there.

We also see potential in this deve­lo­pment for joint pro­jects with the stu­dents.