You can see these ideals as poles of two axes in whose balance and con­nection we want to move, cor­ner­stones in whose center a space of pos­si­bi­lities emerges:


The deve­lo­pment of each person is unique, so is yours. The­refore, we do not want to define a uniform ideal for edu­cation, but create oppor­tu­nities for you to shape your learning as indi­vi­dually and freely as pos­sible. By freedom, we do not mean the opposite of structure, but of cons­traint. We feel it is essential that you are allowed to decide to learn vol­un­tarily and self-deter­mined. It is clear to us that this ideal is dif­ficult to implement con­sist­ently in practice, but we are taking on this chal­lenge and doing our best to make it a reality as much as possible.

The moti­vation for your learning should not come from a sense of duty or fear, but from your enthu­siasm. We live and share our enthu­siasm and want to make that pos­sible for you, too. The offers you an exciting learning envi­ronment and many oppor­tu­nities to develop indi­vi­dually. We believe that young people like you basi­cally want to learn when they are not forced to and are allowed to pursue their genuine inte­rests. Even if you are already frus­trated by your pre­vious learning expe­ri­ences, you can find your way back to your own inner moti­vation at We give you time, space and support for this.

In order for you to design your indi­vidual learning path, you need good, per­sonal support. That’s why you have your own mentor at, with whom you can discuss your deve­lo­pment and plan your next steps. For coor­di­nation we use a special software, which allows you to get an overview of your pro­gress yourself. More and more you will be able to take your learning – and thus your life – into your own hands.

Self-deter­mined learning is not only about the choice of content, we also offer you a variety of methods and set­tings, depending on which learning type you are and which learning formats you prefer.


A loving com­munity of learning guides, fellow stu­dents and parents offers you a pro­tected space in which your inner con­fi­dence can grow. We live mutual respect and believe in coope­ration instead of com­pe­tition. You can develop indi­vi­dually with us and still stay con­nected to the com­munity, develop and expe­rience self-efficacy, learn co-creation and respon­si­bility, become cou­ra­geous, succeed or fail and then move on with your head held high.

We all learn tog­ether, at eye level and shoulder to shoulder. On the one hand, this means that we as learning guides like to be in a con­stant learning process our­selves, and on the other hand, that we want to empower you as a student as much as pos­sible to support others in their learning. This allows roles to remain fle­xible instead of becoming fixed identities.

In order to support each other in our deve­lo­p­ments in the best pos­sible way, we ack­now­ledge each other’s needs. For us, openness and trans­pa­rency are important because they are the basis for trust. That’s why we want to be open with each other, clearly com­mu­nicate our mutual expec­ta­tions, wishes and fears, make infor­mation available to everyone and talk to each other instead of about each other. In you can bring yourself in as a whole person, as real as pos­sible, without having to pretend anything. So you too, in your own way, can con­tribute to a common purpose.

close to life

We open up to the outside world, creating a close con­nection of learning with life. At, you can learn to run a business yourself in an entre­pre­neurship space, or col­la­borate with people and insti­tu­tions in the area in com­munity work to help locally and do good. You can get in touch with external experts for your pro­jects or go on excur­sions to get further input. Our courses are open to people from outside and form a network that con­nects our learning center to the world.

You learn here what is mea­ningful and relevant for you and deal with current, real pro­blems from your own expe­rience and from dif­ferent areas of life. With us, you will not only learn to meet the demands of the future, but you will develop the skills you need to actively and con­sciously help shape that future.

For us, being close to life also means remaining rea­listic. We see in this approach ideals to which we aspire, but we are aware that it is not a matter of rea­lizing them as per­fectly as pos­sible, but of shaping a common path of deve­lo­pment towards them. We can’t give you any gua­rantees, but our full com­mitment. We will cer­tainly make mistakes, but we will move on. And that’s fine, we’re here to learn tog­ether after all.


In addition to the prac­tical pre­pa­ration for your life, you also have enough room for your per­sonal edu­cation. This means you can joy­fully pursue your inte­rests with us, immerse yourself in exciting topics and con­ver­sa­tions, dis­cover your potential, play with pos­si­bi­lities, and some­times simply enjoy learning without having to immediately ask yourself what you’ll need it for.

We want to accompany you as a whole person on your per­sonal,inner path of deve­lo­pment. In addition to aca­demic know­ledge acqui­sition, this includes social, emo­tional, creative, phy­sical and spi­ritual aspects. That’s why at you also learn things like mind­fulness, building your heart, and social skills.

Today, we humans live between our natural roots and a digital future, in an incre­a­singly global com­munity. We want to enable you to connect with the dif­ferent aspects of being human and to give you what you need to be able to unfold as con­sciously as pos­sible on dif­ferent levels.

Check out our learning formats to see how we put these ideals into practice on a day-to-day basis.