Together we can do more!

There are several ways to support or col­lab­orate with our project:

Sup­porting membership

Support us through your mem­bership in the asso­ci­ation. We use your monthly vol­untary donation where it is needed most.


We are in search of a location. Maybe you can help us with that?

Dona­tions in kind

To set up our new school and also for the ongoing oper­ation we can use many things well. Once we know more specif­i­cally what we need, we will create a list of what we are cur­rently looking for. Maybe you can support us then with some or have tips where we could get some of it rea­sonably priced.


We like to coop­erate and want to col­lab­orate with many other insti­tu­tions. We believe that the nec­essary changes in edu­cation are only pos­sible if we stick together and see dif­ferent projects as working together for change rather than com­peting with each other. Contact us if you know of an insti­tution that could become our partner, or if you are part of a project yourself and would like to join forces with us.