Learning guides

We are a team ofex­pe­ri­enced tutors and see it as our task toaccompany you on your indi­vidual devel­opment path in the best pos­sible wayand to lead the lila.school in the sense of our common values. With lila.school, we are ful­filling our dream of a school where we can pursue our vocation in the way that feels right for us.

Input lesson leaders and course tutors

As learning guides, we cannot cover all sub­jects up to the Matura and therefore work together with experts.

In our course system, many dif­ferent people offer courses on a wide variety of exciting topics.


At lila.school, stu­dents like you, aged 10 to 18, learn at a ratio of approx­i­mately ten stu­dents to one learning guide. In order for you to really grow at the lila.school, a certain amount of inde­pen­dence and ini­tiativeis nec­essary. So if you’re already good with liberty or want to get involved in learning how to do that, you’ve come to the right place.


Good com­mu­ni­cation and coop­er­ation with your parents is important to us. We want them to know as well as pos­sible how you are doing with us so that they can con­tinue to support you if nec­essary. Our school is not parent-run, but we welcome active par­tic­i­pation and also coop­er­ation of parents in joint celebrations.